Fidget Spinner Toys – Story of Insane outbreak

Fidget spinner is one of the most popular toys for this summer. I bet you already have seen children running with some strange spinning toys in the streets and you may wonder, what is this? Why are children all around the globe crazy about this very simple toy? Today I want to discuss and write more about fidget spinner toys. A few weeks ago, my son Andre came to me and asked for some dollars, when I got interested why he needed additional money, Andre told me that whole school is going crazy about fidget spinner toys, and he wants to buy one of them, and yes, he wanted to buy best of them all. Before going to school, I asked Andre to find some decent looking fidget spinners and call me when he would find it. I was amazed when I saw a huge, I repeat, a wide range of fidget spinners – it seemed that we were living in fidget spinner toys era. I remember the entire viral toys from my childhood like Yo-yo, Hula hoops and much more but this type of toy is something special. Promoters of this beautiful toy claim that this fidget spinner help kids to fight against concentration problems and it also helps kids with autism and kids who have a deficit of focus.

I don’t want to claim something that I have not tested on myself, but I have to admit that this fidget spinner reveals some stress. You know, after using it for few days I feel more comfortable and stress-free. That’s one of the best advantages of fidget spinners. Now let’s go way back and find more about the history and finally understand what the reason was of fidget spinner’s viral nature.

Fidget Spinner Toys – Story of Insane outbreak

So I wanted to dig deep down and understand the origin of fidget spinners. Few reputable magazines claim that fidget spinner toys were invented by one of the craziest inventor’s mind – this toy was invented by Catherine Hettinger. She claims that this beautiful idea came to her mind after seeing that little boy was throwing rocks at the police office. As she understood, the kid was fighting against focus deficit and was trying to reduce stress. Then she thought more about the things by which she could help this kind of kids and also stay more natural. So she invented fidget spinner which is a great toy and stress reducer at the same time. So thanks to Catherine, we now have very influential toys of all times. As I stated above, yes I remember different viral toys like a yo-yo or hula hoops, but I have never seen anything like that. Maybe that’s because we are living in technologies era, and it’s easy to market little kids with this kind of toys, maybe – I don’t know exactly, but that’s my opinion and I think that even hula hoops could be marketed and got this level of viral nature like fidget spinner toys are getting.

Fidget spinners – How to

Fidget spinners are very simple toys with simpler use – it has bearing in its center pad. I want to say that it’s all up to you, there is no mistake, and there are no wrong ways to spin the spinner toys. You are free while using fidget spinner toys – do you want to spin the spinner toys with flick method? (Flick forward your spinner with the middle finger) Go ahead and do so. Do you want to spin the fidget spinner with reverse flick method? (Flick your fidget spinner toy with the middle finger to backward) Go ahead and do so, it’s easy. As you understand, it’s really up to you, your skills and ideas. You can spin spinners wherever, whenever or how you want, I repeat that it’s all up to you. There are different types of fidget spinners. Lots of companies decided that spinner toys were the key to financial success, so they produced new and different types of fidget spinners, and I should admit that sky is the limit. I saw so many different designed fidget spinners that I’m overwhelmed. If you are the fan of different comics, then you can have some Batman-style fidget spinners, or just go for other superheroes and choose Superman, Spider-man or iron man style fidget spinners. Mostly spinner toys are with center pad, and around this pad, there are commonly three different wheels which are moving for ages and will never stop, if you won’t help it to stop moving. How to clean fidget spinners? Do you want your spinner to spin for a longer time? Do you want to increase the time duration of your spinner? Then you have to take care after your spinner. You will need isopropyl alcohol, or you can just change it with acetone, and of course, you will need a dryer with which you have to dry your fidget spinner. So just pour some acetone on the main system which connects wheels to each other, and waits for few seconds, after that you can easily dry it with the dryer. That’s it, after this process, your spinner toy will have more power and will look like a fresh one. As you repeat the cleaning process which I mentioned above, your fidget spinner will have more power, and it will lead to increasing the time of spinning.


As I mentioned above, fidget spinner is the new era of hula hoops and yo-yo kind of toys, but more effective while dealing with focus deficit. New age marketers tried everything they could, so right now we have spinner toys which have viral nature – every kid around the globe wants to get it and spin it over and over again. Even my child, Andre got it and is very satisfied with the fidget spinner. Despite the fact that first fidget spinner toy was invented back in 90’s by Catherine, the famous inventor, it became viral only in 2017, and even one of the famous magazines – Forbes called it as “the most wanted toy” of 2017.